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    Representing the Tri-Region in the heart of Alberta: Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and the County of Parkland, the Stony Plain Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in the community.

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  • Tips for Safe Holiday Browsing from TRINUS from the November 30th Business@breakfast

    How to keep from Getting Scrooged this Christmas Season

    1. Always navigate to a website by typing into the browser URL field - or using a reputable search engine.  Do NOT use an Email hyperlink. Hyperlinks in Emails (often the blue-underlined text that opens your web browser) is one of the primary ways hackers get you to navigate to a bogus website.  The reason it’s a problem is that the label text in the Email is not always the actual place on the Internet that the link directs your browser to.
    2. Use a Private Browser window. All browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge - to name a few, have the ability to launch a Private Browser session.  They may call them different names (Chrome's private browser is called Incognito), but the effect is the same.  The private session will not track activity (history), or allow the website to post Cookies to your computer. Cookies are small files saved on your computer that the website uses to track information about you and your session on their website.
    3. Use Multiple Browser Types for Different Work. I have 4 browser programs installed on my primary computer: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox. Two of them (Internet Explorer and Edge) came with Windows 10; I installed the other 2. With rare exceptions, browsers don't share information between themselves.  Thus, if I was on the NFL website checking last night's scores using Chrome, Firefox doesn't know I was there.  I typically split my browsing activity between the 4 browsers by the type of browsing I am doing: Internal corporate work, Client-facing corporate work, Secure personal activities (ie: banking) and general personal activities.  If I suspect any browser has been compromised, I know my other web activities are safe - and it's an easy matter to delete history, cookies, or even wipe-out and re-install the compromised browser.
    4. Clear Browser Caches often.  Browser caches are portions of your computer memory that are set aside to record information about your recent website activities; what sites you visited, what pages you viewed, even information that you might have entered. Caches are used to increase the performance of the browser, so that website pages appear on screen faster, and in some cases pre-populated with desired information. However, it's also a trail of breadcrumbs that can be accessed in the background by websites without your knowledge.  All browsers allow you to clear data from the cache; in some cases all of it, or sometimes just part of it.  Most browsers allow you to set the browser cache to clear each time you close the browser, which is my preferred option.

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